Tuesday, December 18, 2012

bad bitches

There's nothing wrong with being a bad fucking bitch because I'm pretty sure everyone has been a bitch once or twice or forever in their damn lives. You go be a bitch all you want I'm not gonna judge you HAHA. What did you bitch at Neric about?

My holiday is probably even more unproductive than yours. Right now, there's this big fucking stack of homework staring at me waiting for me to finish them up but you know what, hell no I'm going to watch 90210 all I want and laugh and choke while watching Kingsley videos because I don't fucking give a crap at alll of this SHIT.

Christmas volunteering never did happen cause you know, I make plans that end up crumbling down at me like pastries hehehe suddenly thought about Ed Sheeran. Well I hope you're having a good time in Taiwan cause I sure am not having a good time over here. I pray that you will meet the love of your life over there and have some fun and make babies hahahahhaha got a little carried away there. I am picturing you eating food like you've never eaten food before.

A part of me wants the world to end this Friday. I don't want to go through another year of stressful school life! I'm already feeling sick about going to school. But you know, this other part of me is like. you haven't even met the love of your life! You've got so much more to life for! blah the blah blah blah well just a short post on my sad pathetic life bye.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

i totally have a problem with myself.

yum, sticky is good. :)
I feel like being a bitch.
Is that bad?
Whoops. Just bitched at Neric just now. :)

My holiday is so unproductive.
SO. SO. unproductive.
It makes me really crabby.
Yeahp, I just put a fake smiley face that I ABSOLUTELY don't mean, to cover up my bitchines to Neric.
I don't think he saw through that. No one ever does. I am good. B)

How's your Christmas volunteering?
I'm going to Taiwan from the 18th to 23rd.
I just made a fit to my dad about it.
I feel bad. Why am I complaining about going on a holiday?
(Even thought there's NOTHING I like about Taiwan and I hate chinese food and it's taking me away from my music and internet and possible outings.)

Grow up, Megan.

What's up with you? :D


Friday, November 23, 2012

i don't think I'll EVER buy anything from UNIQLO.

Hello hello, 
Guess who forgot the password to the blogger account again, and only managed to figure it out after 10 fucking tries? Yes, that's right.
YAY. So glad you updated, because, well, your blog posts always make me laugh and smile and shit like that. I am so fucking happy I actually got to hang out with you guys yesterday! (You and Cherie, especially.) I mean, we only get to see each other once a year, and a few hours just wasn't enough. And I now know how to pronounce Hermon's name correctly, though I feel that the way I pronounce it sounds better than how it actually is ;) 
Yeah i know my blog posts are never really that long and as interesting but I'm trying! I just write whatever comes to mind you know? And I have a poor command on the English Language so why write such long posts? :P Hanging out with you crazy people yesterday made me feel so fucking free. I apologize for the constant swearing but you must understand, I am unable to swear in front of my friends! Seriously, everytime I swear in front of them ( couldn't help myself ), they make this stupid expression, big eyes, mouth wide open, "OMG! Did you just say the....F word?" Uhm yes I fucking did deal with it. HAHA I hope they won't ever find this blog. 
YOU look good, somehow getting taller than me, really slim and just god damn pretty. Unlike me, can't even put fucking contacts into my damn eye. Like can't my eyes just stop blinking for a moment? Oh by the way, I think the ripped tights look great, haha. 
Well thank you, Bryan and Neric for not realizing how socially awkward I actually am. And I am also glad Neric doesn't think I am weird anymore haha never ever drink mushroom soup with a damn straw. Nice friends you've got C: Maybe one day I'll ask my friends to come along, so that you can make new friends, too (: 
Yesterday marked the end of our tradition, but hey, there's bound to be new ones. And I can't wait for the next one. 
I'm glad we still keep in touch after so many years, can you believe Standard 6 was four years ago?! Crazy, I know. 
Oh Marcus, I'll get my chance with you next time. 
I'm going to join Social Studies again next year ;) Watch out, i'll be awkward free the next time we go for an outing.

Thanks for the fucking great memories. 

Till next time, 
Pui Yee.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Never buy tights from UNIQLO, EVER.

Dear Pui Yee,
YAY. I finally feel like updating.
Just dropped off the guys, dilly dalied, called Cherie, picked up a call from Sonia and took a super long bath and fuck it's 11.40pm already. I swear to God, I really know how to waste my time.
I had fun today :)
It was really nice seeing you after so long, talking to you but not really TALKING to you because I mean, I will never really get your school inside jokes and you will never get mine, cuz it's a got to be there thing.
I wish we could hang more because I just don't laugh as hard as I do with you enough on a daily basis and my friends really don't like it when I curse or make innuendos or act like a complete weirdo. They just. don't. get. it. They make me feel like I'm really weird. But, I'm totally normal. I am. :) Both of us are. Totally.
Anyway. Right, so I've already told you I had fun with you and I really missed you yada yada yada. You look good, by the way. Getting prettier, I'm proud of you, swwaahhhtieee, I think you might just succeed in seducing a guy. Because, you. are. hot. Flaunt it. I wish I could. but I hate my fucking face. Grr. I need some boobs. BOO.
We need to find something else to continue our tradition. WHHHAATTT ELSE COULD THERE BE? Cherie suggested that we could just go for dinner and bond. But, I don't really think it'll work out that well. There has to be like an ice breaker first. Before we awkwardly sit down and smile at each other while we're thinking in our minds 'What the flying fuck do I say to you, who I haven't seen in like, 10 months?' BAHAH. A W K W A R D.
Bryan Yoon said you were cute, according to Sonia, they're like really close and all ;), but I'm not suppose to tell you, I think. I wasn't suppose to tell you either of the things I just mentioned. HEH. Neric said you were sociable and interesting. YOU SEE. You aren't socially awkward. I, god damn am.
My tights. Fuckidi foo. It's ruined. And I SERIOUSLY wore this once, only. TODAY, only. And it's already R.I.P-ped. BAHAHA. (except I'm not laughing out loud. Or even find it remotely funny. It's just what Sonia would do. I don't really get puns. It's not even funny. It's just..a W.O.W., okay, interessstiinggg. moment.)
I bet my post was longer than your previous one. In fact, I know it is. I think I'd make a great author. Like Sophie Kinsella. :) But I'm far too lazy to recap our day here. I hope I'll keep it in my head, my memory of today, I mean :/ I keep forgetting things.
I'm sorry it took so long for me to post something up. My life is too depressing. Didn't feel like doing anything except getting lost in stupid romance stories. (Idiot)
Stupid Cherie, she totally stole Marcus away. I feel like a failure for not attracting him enough to talk to me. HAH.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Holy shit. 
I finally figured out the password to my account to actually compose a new post. HAHA
And crap I'm so sorry Megan I suddenly remembered you asking me to check out our old blog again few months back and I didn't! Well better late than never, right? 
I'm right here! haven't talked to you in a while and I'm sure your friends love you and care about you C:

And omg teletubbies, don't make me start. They are probably the scariest fuck I've ever seen in my entire life. The longer I stare at them, the creepier they get x) I can't believe I used to watch that creepy ass show! Horrible, horrible things. 

HEYYY you ARE a singer, and you DID post a freaking amazing video on YouTube, and you ARE pretty! 
And yes let's revive this blog again shall we? hehe. And you are still one of my best friends, too C: Never forget that. 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

I still post really lame crap. HAHA.

Hello, you REALLY dead blog.
How long has it been?
2 years.
So, I wrote this lame shit when I was...14.
God, that was a long time ago.
How time FLIES.
*cryptic smile*
I don't know what cryptic means, it just sounds fancy. So I put that there.
I guess some things don't change :)

I would like to present a question.
I haven't talked to you in forever.
I was surfing blogs and then I clicked on cherie's blog and then I clicked on Casie's profile and then I saw this and I clicked on it.
And if somehow, you read this by this week or any week, post something up.
AND, I'm sorry for spluttering out my crap and a veryneededpsychologistproblem to you that day.
I know you don't care and you must have been thinking "What the fuck is she talking to me for? Doesn't she have friends?"
NO, I don't, really.
Can't talk to them about that.

I like telletubies, A LOT.
Aren't they the cutest thing ever?
GOD, they ARE.

I want a telletubies soft toy. :(
I don't think they sell that anymore.

I don't like form 4, do you?
I hate it. HATE IT. HATEIT.
I wonder why I'm in science class.
I'm gonna be in the show biz so why the fuck am I studying bio?
I feel like I'm growing up too fast.
I mean, not that I'm like super maturing now, but I have less time to act like a kid.
I'm not ready to turn 16.
I have all these childish dreams of getting a boyfriend, going to prom, being a cheerleader, being hot and having a talent agent scout me out already. (the cliche stuff.)
I was supposed to be a singer when I turn 16. I was supposed to have the balls to post up a lame video of me singing on youtube. I was supposed to be confident and pretty when I'm 16. I was supposed to look like a Victoria's Secret model by 16 (Okay, this dream is a little far fetched. heh)
I'm nowhere near that.
I have a month more till September. It's kinda heartbreaking to feel like you didn't succeed to achieve your goals.
It's frustrating, and I can't convince myself to be sincerely optimistic about my future.

let's revive this blog again?
because even if I don't see you AT ALL, maybe once a year, and I don't get to talk to you everyday or share with you about the stupid funny ridiculous and sad things in my life, I do wish I could. :)
and that counts for something and you are STILL one of my (old) best friends.

Au revoir,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday?

Post I don't know what
It's been soooo long.
I'm sorry Pui Yee!
It was my turn right? x)

I love you buddy :)
Happy Late Birthday.
I'm like don't know how many days later.
Whatever :)
Too lazy to count.

Too pissed to care

lalalalalalalaaaa :)

You make me smile


I hope you will get what you want everyday.
Not that you don't have it already.